Monday, July 21, 2008

Welcome 9th Star!!

Welcome to the 9th Star Media Update Blog!

We will be posting up new material on a regular basis highlighting artists from all over the country including New York City and Boston. This blog will include music, videos, downloads, social commentary, art, photography and promotional material. We will be highlighting the many artists we showcase as well well as those we think are up and coming and cutting edge. Stop by and let us know what you think. If you have your own material you want to put out, let us know we will do what we can.

9th Star Media Incorporated is a multimedia cooperative organization. We work with a variety of media makers including musicians, visual artists, writers, film makers and web developers. We also connect media makers with members of the community, small business owners, and promoters. Our mission is to inspire creativity in the media arts by connecting our clients with resources and technology. We produce only the highest quality socially relevant material.


At 9th Star we build the bridges between our clients and the communities they live in and serve. We believe that media makers can change the world. We also believe that all media makers should be held accountable to the communities where their messages are being spread and heard. We aim to create positive social change by linking our clients with members of their communities. Unfortunately, many of the communities where the media arts flourish are both disenfranchised and disconnected with the resources they need. Through connecting our clients with our networks, media makers can help build stronger communities.


At 9th Star we connect Artists with resources. By connecting artists with needed resources we aim to create a movement of creativity and change in the arts. Many independent artists have difficulty establishing a supportive network of people and resources. At 9th Star, we connect media makers from all fields and create sustainable relationships between them. By nurturing and supporting those relationships we believe that we can launch a new more effective network of artists and media makers.


At 9th Star Media we produce the highest quality material. Through our networks and resources we create production pieces using state of the art software, digital technology and cutting edge design techniques. By providing our clients with the proper means to record, edit, produce, publish, and promote their media, we believe that we can establish a new higher standard of innovation and creativity.


-Miguel Colon

Co-Founder/Production Specialist

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