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Reks has been doing his thing for a minute on the Boston scene, but things seem to really be building for him and his whole team as of late. After the recent successes of Statik Selektah and Termanology the whole ShowOff camp seems to be poised for a proverbial true school takeover. Reks in particular recently linked up with the legendary DJ Premier for “Say Good Night” his first single of the brand new “Grey Hairs” Album. Reks and Termanology are both natives of Lawrence (LawTown) Mass, and have definitely been holdin’ it down for us north of NYC. Actually, both Reks and Term seem to be getting lots of love from The Big Apple. Premo laced them both with their singles (“Watch how it Goes down” and “Say Goodnight”) Beantown Rappers tend to get more love outside of Mass…Why is that?
Check out “Say Goodnight”, "How Can it Be" and “Premonition” (Ft. Termanology and Consequence)


Check out the interview and videos.

Let me know what you think and cop that “Grey Hairs”

Here’s the excerpt from a recent interview with REKS : 7/14/2008 Your new album Grey Hairs is dropping in August. Your last album that was promoted was Along Came the Chosen, which was released in 2001. What have you been up to since your debut album dropped?
I pretty much spent that time working on my relationship with my wife and son. I was dealing with personal life issues. My second album Rekless had dropped and I was just going through a lot of changes with my family situation. I just had to make sure that things were right at home before I realistically got back into the fold and came out with another project.

How have you grown as an artist as you were going through your personal issues?
Back then I was extremely, extremely, extremely new to anything outside of rap. When Chosen dropped, it was a tremendous experience. I wouldn’t say I wasn’t ready for doing this kind of project and the magnitude, even at that level, even at that underground level, I wasn’t ready for the magnitude of what was happening from the shows to the interviews. I don’t think I was fully prepared at that point in my life. I was really immature. And I was close to burning a lot of bridges back then. My ego was out of control.
Having my son and dealing with my wife and believing in God and just, like, getting with my man Statik and jumping into this next project, I understood how much I had aged and how much hip-hop had aged in that process. And so because those two things tied in so eloquently, my perception was Grey Hairs. Over the years I feel I’ve become a more mature artist who’s doing it from an O.G. perspective, not because I put so much time into the game but because I’m somebody who’s so experienced that I can help out the younger fans.

Can you reach the younger fans that never heard Along Came the Chosen as well as your older fans with Grey Hairs?
Oh, yeah. I think the music doesn’t just gravitate towards the audience that would have been Along Came the Chosen fans back then or my age group. A lot of cats will hit me up and respond to my music through online sites. I see they’re younger cats and they’re just looking for something refreshing. And that’s not to say that I’m their only piece, but I feel that I’m a piece of that puzzle. They’re looking for something that doesn’t just cater to the BS that’s being offered. I really feel like the tracks that I’ve been leaking have been dealing with topics that have been controversial issues. That’s what I’m trying to touch on and I’m not going to hold my tongue on what I feel. And I feel that cats gravitate towards that unabashed and unashamed mentality.
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REKS - "Say Goodnight" (prod. by DJ Premier)

REKS – “The One”

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