Friday, July 25, 2008

Boston Homicides

Beantown is known for Irish people and Red Sox fans...
What people don't realize is that Boston is a highly populated city that is small in size and VERY segregated in terms of race and class. Boston is about 50% people of color and that 80% of students at Boston Public Schools are students of color. Violence has been plaguing our communities more and more as of late and it is getting out of control.
Though our numbers aren't as high as Philly and Chicago, homicides in Boston are on the rise and We, Blacks and Latinos, due to our lack of resources and disenfranchised neighborhoods, are committing internalized genocide. Most of the murders in Boston have young victims of color.
Why are we killing each other? Why are most murders in theDorchester/Roxbury Area? Why is urban Violence not on the forefront of issues in this upcoming presidential election?Check out the homicide map for 2008 read the names and the ages and let me know what you think.

Miguel (kwamex).

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